Our Engagement

Our culture is based on leading, involving, coaching and developing our people. We strive to be open and honest in our management style, showing care and respect for each other.


We are committed to developing our people's skills and encourage them to take responsibility, to promote corporate innovation and to respect fundamental rights. 

If you're seeking an opportunity to learn, grow and advance, join our unique company where innovation is not only welcome but embraced, because it is the key to success.


In the workplace

Our goal is to provide employees with the opportunities, resources and the environment to make an effective contribution to the business. We are committed to being an employer of choice by developing a working environment that attracts, retains and rewards talented people. The company has a personal development system in place, providing a structured approach to employee learning and career development.

At our locations throughout the Middle East, you will find that the size and structure of our operations vary depending on the clients we serve and the nature of their needs. A big part of our team is in the field, working on-site with clients, while the rest of our professionals are supporting their efforts from local and regional offices made up of diverse groups of professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds, perspectives and expertise.

Committed to improve the environment

Seeking out opportunities to reduce our consumption of natural resources by using alternatives where possible, we're optimizing efficiency of use whilst protecting and enhancing the environment. 



Career development

Job opportunities in the Middle East