Our Values and Social Responsibility

Veolia really cares about the people it employs.
All our employees share basic values, which provide the foundation on which we pursue sustainable development.

Customer focus: We listen and adapt to the needs of our customers and clients.

Responsibility: We are involved and accountable. We respect, recognize and develop our people.

Innovation: Quality of service and value for our customers and clients are priorities. We view innovation as the best way to maintain our leadership.

Performance: We measure our performance through customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

Teamwork: We pool our knowledge and experience, ensuring that every success is a shared success and our best practices benefit to all.

Diversity: As a company doing business in numerous countries throughout the Middle East, diversity is in our DNA. We strongly believe in and encourage diversity; and we connect and support our people, our suppliers, our partners and our communities in a manner that reflects our beliefs. In the Gulf Countries, approximately 90% of our workforce is diverse. We have specific key performance indicators aimed at further diversifying our employee population and integrating more and more national staff in our teams.