Best practices in the region

To us, environmental responsibility and sustainable development are not simply a corporate strategy; they are also our livelihood.

CSR Label in Dubai

The highly sought-after label has recognized Veolia’s commitment to incorporating corporate social responsibility and sustainable initiatives across all aspects of its business in the UAE.

To anchor sustainable development in the day-to-day operations of its businesses, Veolia incorporates the concept into its management systems by defining commitments and deploying policies, objectives and procedures. With this label, Veolia reaffirm its commitment as determined player in the green economy, more attentive than ever to all aspects of CSR in the UAE.


“Corporate social responsibility is sewn into the very fabric of our business. We put it at the heart of everything we do, and this award from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce recognizes that. Going forward, we are committed to continuing to be a responsible and ethical company, playing our part in the very communities in which we operate.”

Xavier Joseph,
CEO, Gulf Countries.



CSR plan in the Sultanate of Oman

Aligned with Oman’s 2020 Vision, Veolia has formalized a structured Corporate Social Responsibility program in Oman with numerous actions planned over the next few years. This builds on individual actions undertaken by Veolia in Oman since 2007. This program aims to reach three objectives:

Be closer to the local communities

A series of initiatives will be deployed to bring value and benefit to the community at large. It will encompass, among others, the development of partnerships with universities to provide expert speakers, an educational program with schools and a series of events to share water, waste and energy management best practices.

An example of this type of initiative took place in October 2013 when Veolia, in collaboration with Majis Industrial Services and Port of Sohar, led to the successful event as part of Omani Women’s Day. This raised awareness about cancer and also its detection and treatment among female employees at Port of Sohar and in the communities of Liwa and Shinas.


Employee’s engagement

While promoting Omanisation and talent development, Veolia gives its employees the opportunities, resources and environment to allow them to make an effective contribution to the business and to the community. Veolia will encourage its employees to volunteer for charity work with a target of 50% of all employees to participate at least half a day per year.

Veolia also encourages, throughout all its contracts, local talents to realize their full potential in the Omani market place. As an example, Veolia has hired amongst its team young Omani water engineers, recently graduated from Omani universities. For the last two years, they have been trained every day to the best water engineering practices while working on a strategic project to reduce water losses for the Public Authority for Electricity and Water.


Raise awareness on environmental protection and biodiversity

A sustainability approach is at the heart of all Veolia’s activities and Veolia is always seeking opportunities to reduce its consumption of natural resources by using alternatives where possible and by optimizing efficiency of use, whilst protecting and enhancing the environment.
As part of the CSR program, Veolia will share and promote sustainable business practices with its sub-contractors, suppliers and other business partners.